Monday, September 14, 2009

Lotus Plant

I love my garden.

Since I moved into my current resident 6 years ago, my garden has been a place for me to seek refuge for some peace and tranquility. I love gardening and over the years I have quite a collection of flora and fauna in this little patch of land.

Aquatic plants attract me as they are much easier to tend to (not much watering to do). In my garden has a variety of them, namely lotus, water lilies and water Hyacinth. Lately I am getting quite a bountiful blooms from my lotus plant. Look how beautiful they are.

The species I have in my garden is
Nelumbo nucifera, or commonly known as Lotus or Indian Lotus or Sacred Lotus. It comes in a variety of colours like pink, white and yellow. The one I have is pink. It is from the Nelumbonaceae family. This plant is an aquatic perennial.

The lotus is one of the most celebrated flower in the world. It has always been in folklore, religion and the arts in one form or another.

The Lotus plant thrive well in calm freshwater and blooms all year round in tropical country like Malaysia. Its leaves are circular in shape. Some will float on the water surface while others will rise above the water surface on a long stalk looking very majestic. These leaves are a beautiful glaucous green. Many a times there will be beads of water droplets on the surface of the leaf making it an attractive and intriguing display.

The Lotus flower is delightfully scented and will open in the morning. By noon it will a full bloom, showing off its vibrant pink petals with the bright yellow stamen. However, this spectacular sight does not last long. The flower will shut by the afternoon and as the petals are rather light they will fall off when there is a gust of wind. What a pity.... such a majestic and celebrated flower with a very short life!!!!
Anyway a blooming lotus in my garden also brighten up my day. So with the continuous blooming of lotus in my garden now, my days are just PERFECT!

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