Thursday, September 24, 2009

Herbal Tea Eggs

Every time my family and I walk by a shop selling Herbal Tea Eggs, we would most certainly slow down our pace and enjoy those aromatic scent of the tea eggs boiling in the electrical pots. It's so fragrant and the eggs looks like they are screaming "come get one, your tummy needs it".

Last evening, I made some tea eggs. The minute the spices are being boiled the whole house was enveloped by the aromatic scent of those tea eggs. In fact, the first question Dear Hubby asked when he entered the house was whether we will be having herbal soup or Bak Kut Teh for dinner. Had to disappoint him as that was not in last night dinner menu. Those tea eggs are for breakfast this morning (not ready for consumption during dinner!!!)

The herbal tea eggs tasted delicious.... the long wait last night was worth it. Could see my children grinning from ear to ear while feasting themselves with those eggs.

To make them, I used a store bought pre-packed herbal tea eggs mixture (recommended by a friend).
Following the instruction on the pack, I hard-boiled 15 eggs (I used Size C). After letting them cool for a while, those eggs are cracked to give them a marbled effect. In a separate pot boil 200ml light soy sauce, 180gm sugar, 1 tsp dark soy sauce and a pinch of salt together with a sachet of the mixture (in 1 pack there are 2 sachets) . Add in those cracked eggs and fill the pot with some water (enough to cover those eggs).

According to the instruction....boil it for 2 hours and serve.
However, I tweaked it a little. Boiled the eggs for 5 mins and then left them in the thermal pot (to continue cooking) till the next morning. In this way, I save on gas!!!!

This is how the eggs looked after removing the shell. Marbled .

See how the spices and flavour had been absorbed into the eggs. Taste......YUMMY!!!!

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