Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's back to the normal routine again

It is the weekend and the short school break is almost over. By tomorrow everything will be back to normal as the kids will be back to school. That means daily bread baking for breakfast.

Since my weekday schedule is pretty tight with the ferrying of my children around, I have devised a method of preparing the bread dough in advance for my daily baking. YES, you heard it right! What I do is....on weekends I would make a few batches of bread dough. Divide them into the weight I want (for my daily use) and stashed them into my freezer. The dough will rise a little in the freezer before the yeast goes to sleep.

All I need to do now is every morning, I just have to pull out 1 piece of the frozen dough. Leave it in a bowl (covered with cling wrap) to defrost and prove. It will take about 3 hours (depending on the weather). Then I will work on the dough, shaping it followed by the 2nd proving before baking them. This method works perfectly and does not affect the quality of the bread. In fact, with this method I free myself from the daily kneading and cleaning up. I do not have to rush home just to knead the dough in order to bake a bread!!!! hehehe

This is so versatile and convenient. If you bake can give it a try.

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