Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getaway & Retail Therapy - Korea

I still can't believe that we (me and my 2 friends) went on a trip to Seoul, Korea .. (a spontaneous decision over breakfast one morning). We were casually talking about going on holiday after our workout in the gym and within a fortnight we were off on the plane to Seoul.

On board the Plane - Fiona & Adeline On board the Plane

We arranged for the trip and toured the country where we do not speak their language by ourselves.

In the 5 days 4 night trip, we shopped, savored Korean food and culture without a tour guide (except for a half day tour to visit the Changdeok Palace which we followed a local tour). 

We went to the local markets and shopping areas like Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, Insadong, Myeongdon and shopped till we drop!

In fact… we did all that on foot…. yes … we practically walked to all these places from our hotel. Did not use the public transport as we enjoyed strolling along the way. Of course coming back from the shopping area was more challenging as we were lugging our finds!!!

Anyway, here is seeing Korea from our eyes….

267871_225944487439685_100000724054096_737869_44184_n Vegetable stall in the market

267745_225944600773007_100000724054096_737871_2876516_nDried fishes

2011-07-01 10.50.11 Catch from the sea.... so fresh…..

2011-06-30 09.17.03Korean seaweed and kelp

2011-06-30 09.22.37 Adeline inspecting the Korean noodles and vermicelli before buying some home.

264361_225944704106330_100000724054096_737873_436462_nIn the market place


264889_225946084106192_100000724054096_737905_7516380_n We ate where a local would have their meals....Food stalls in the market place (open till 2 am)

260029_225946254106175_100000724054096_737909_6301500_nWe had our breakfast here twice!

Food we ate in Korea…….


Places we have our meals…….

Changdeok Palace Took  a half day tour to visit the Changdeok Palace

A good getaway from our daily routine as homemakers.