Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane

A fortnight ago, I drove over 300km to my hometown, Penang with childhood friend.
Purpose of the trip….
to celebrate our 50th years of living with our school mates.
We had 45 girls congregating there ..from all over Malaysia and many parts of the world (some as far as The United States of America). A number of us were out of touch for over 3 decades (since we left High School)
It all started here….
Over 40 decades ago, a bunch of carefree and chatty girls enrolled in the Primary Schools of Convent Green Lane, Penang. Over the years, we laughed together, fight amongst ourselves and had the most wonderful time of our childhood here.
We went our separate ways after High School to pursue our individual careers. We may have changed in our physical outlook but we still remain the same ole chatty and noisy girls.
A group of us met in the school to take some photos and reminiscent of those good old schooldays .
CGL 17 
Lots and lots of hugging, laughters and catching up to do.
We must have made so much noise that if we were still attending school we would definitely be sent to Detention!
CGL group
This is where we would assemble every morning before class starts.
There were a number of smaller gatherings during this weekend (depending on availability of each individual). However, the main function was our Dinner in GHotel, Gurney Drive, Penang on 9th June, 2012.
We had managed to rope in a total of 45 girls… I refer to ourselves as “girls “ because despite most of us having experienced motherhood (a couple even have grandchildren), we still acted like 17 year olds. Giggling, laughing out loud at each others jokes and even some pranks.
Thanks to the organising team, the food was good and ambience was perfect.
ghotel spread1 ghotel spread5 ghotel spread2 ghotel9
A cake to celebrate our Big 5O!
We are proud of it…
After all.. quoting some of us “50 is the NEW 35!!!”

What was most significant that night is how we network with each other.
No hard feelings, no bitchiness at all.
It was all good.
ghotel mingle
Mingling and catching up was the main agenda for the night.
ghotel group
We wondered why it took us so long before we had this get-together.
Kudos to the organising team for the job well done.
Let’s hope our next meet will not be another 3 decades from now!!!!
In the meantime, let’s stay in touch.
Thanks to all my dear friends for the wonderful time.
The long drive back was worthwhile :)