Friday, November 11, 2011

Another day older, another day wiser

How time flies…. my last post was about DH’s birthday and now it’s going to be a post on my birthday.

I have been so preoccupied lately that I almost forgot that yesterday was my birthday. As always, birthdays are no big deals in our family but it’s always those little things that matters most.

Just before leaving for work yesterday, DH told me not to bother about preparing dinner as it’s my birthday and we will be eating out. Well, of course, I am happy coz the kitchen can take a break and I could concentrate on my online business. Moreover, my 2 younger children are off from school and college. What a great coincidence!

DH surprised me with this when he returned home from work.

Loved it to bits….



Dinner was a simple affair. DS1 could not join us for dinner as  he had a big competition last night in his University. Nonetheless, he did call me to wish me Happy Birthday.

Oh!… there was a birthday cake that DH brought home and hid in the refrigerator.

I had my birthday cake (tiramisu cake) an hour shy of 11.11.11.

PB100602 PB100601 PB100603

To some, this could be a boring and uneventful birthday…

but to me…

(I do not need lavish parties and expensive presents)

as long as the family is together, happy and healthy…

I won’t ask for more….

I am blessed with a loving husband and 3 wonderful children…