Sunday, October 25, 2009


When I moved into my current neighbourhood, I brought along my favourite hibiscus plant. It bears a pretty yellow flower with thick petals daily. Over the years, my hibiscus collection has increased to 4 now. (thanks to my very kind and friendly neighbour). My neighbour (a 70 year old man of Indian origin) who stays directly opposite my house is an avid gardener. He loves flowering plants especially hibiscus. He can be seen tending to his garden everyday in the morning and evening. At times, he would pop over to talk to me while I am tending to my garden.We would normally exchanging ideas on gardening and updating each other on the neighbourhood news. He has given me 3 different species of Hibiscus and they are thriving well in my garden, adding colours to my garden daily. See how beautiful my hibiscus are :

This bright red hibiscus has a flower within a flower. So pretty.

This is a dwarf sized hibiscus with sweet pink flowers.

My yellow hibiscus that blooms daily.

A unique peach, pink, yellow hibiscus.

I believe my hibiscus collection will continue to grow in time to come. So keep coming back to this blog... I will continue to update you on my striving garden.

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