Saturday, November 20, 2010

Violets are Blue


Those who knows me would probably know that I love flowers in the shades of blue. I had one time kept one portion of my my garden specifically for blue flowers. I have always wanted to have blue water lilies and also hydrangeas in shades of blue.

For some unexplainable reasons I can’t seem that have my blue water lilies to bloom (despite having nurtured them for over a year). As for my hydrangeas… it is another disappointment!!! Over more that 5 years since I brought them home, they have yet to flower ;(.

Nonetheless, I had a very pleasant surprise last week. On my birthday, I noticed a dark shade of purple peeking out of a water lily bud from my little lily “pond” right next to the entrance of my home. Couple of hours later, this is what greeted me…………….

Violet water lily

It’s not exactly the deep blue water lily that I have wanted….but .. this is close enough. What more… I had almost gave up hope on it…my very own violet water lily!!!


Nature’s birthday gift to this homemaker cum gardener ;)

Violet water lily 2  

Since the arrival of the first bloom, we have seen another 2 blooms. There are still more to come and each and everyone of them will be greeted by a smile (just like when the first one came along),

Next…awaiting hydrangeas

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