Monday, November 22, 2010

How time flies………..


For those residing in Malaysia and Singapore, it is the year end school holidays now. Many would have packed their bags and headed off for a family vacation.

For me… we will probably have to forget about year end family vacation as our 1st and 2nd offsprings will be sitting for examination in the coming weeks. Our 2nd boy will be sitting for a major public examination (SPM or GCE O-Level equivalent) commencing tomorrow. Whereas our eldest son will be having his 1st semester exam (1st year pursuing a degree in Finance & Accounting) from next week. They will both complete their respective examinations by December 9th. Thereafter each and everyone of them have their individual plans to chill out. This includes our little girl who will be off to camp in mid December. Sigh…. looks like there won’t be time for us to slot in a family vacation before the end of 2010.

Realised that as the children grow up, it becomes more and more difficult to plan a family vacation. Wish I could turn back the clock….when they were much younger, we could just pack our bags and head off to a family vacation without having to consider their schedule.

Anyway.. it is stressful time in our household now and I wish both my boys the very best in their forthcoming exam.!!!

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