Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vanilla Extract

What do you get if you “marry”
             This                  with              This ???
Vanilla Vodka         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
         Vodka                                       Vanilla Beans

Well you will get this luxurious bottle of vanilla extract!!!!!
Being one who bakes regularly, vanilla extract is a must have. It’s not easy to find a good quality vanilla extract. Moreover, quality ones are usually rather pricey.
To save cost, I googled on how to make this “must have” and found that the process is very simple. All I need is alcohol and some good quality vanilla beans. I have a bunch of vanilla beans given to me by my sister-in-law from her trip to Bali. Have been treasuring them and saving each pod in the sugar canister to favour the sugar.
I wanted to used vodka for this project and had requested DH to get me a bottle of Vodka (so that I could make vanilla extract) on his way back from his business trip sometime back. He came back with a bottle of vanilla favoured Vodka!!
Anyway,… with a glass bottle I added some vanilla beans (after scraping of the beans for cake making) and filled it with the vanilla vodka. (the normal proportion is 3 beans to a cup of vodka).Tighten the cap of the bottle and left it in a cool and dark area. The vanilla pods immersed in the vanilla vodka will released its aroma into the vodka. When the colour of the vodka turn amber, it would be ready for use. This will normally take about 3 months to be done. However, mine turned dark amber within a month!!! Lucky me ;)
The  minute you unscrew the cap, the whole room will be filled with the heavenly aroma of the vanilla extract. This bottle will last me quite a while. The longer I keep it, the richer the aroma would be!!!

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