Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Brunch Outing

I have been very much "under the weather" since last Friday. The nasty flu has been giving me a hard time.

Despite all that, we opted to take the children out on Sunday morning for a weekend Brunch Outing. What's the occasion??? Well... my little girl will be turning 12 this February 3. Since it falls on a weekday and school is on, we reckon there would not be much time for us to really celebrate her big day.

We went to this place called DucKing Restaurant @ Jaya One, Jalan Universiti in Petaling Jaya. (It's about 20km from my residence). It serves Chinese cuisine and as the name will tell, this restaurant's specialty is Duck. We arrived before noon and the place was almost full. Luckily, we managed to get a table.

We ordered 1/2 a Peking Duck, where the crispy skin is served wrap with a thin "poh piah" (spring roll skin). It was scrumptious and the plate was cleaned within minutes. My children's favorite dish for the day.

The meat of the duck were used for a dish of fried noodles. Apart from these, we ordered some dim sum, fried radish cake and chee cheong fan too! I did not managed to snap pictures of all the dishes as I was not feeling well. Only this plate of mini egg tarts which is yet another of my girl's favorite.

Over all the food was good. The children were smiling from ear-to-ear as they chomped down their favorite dishes.

After the Brunch, we planned to watch Avatar 3D. We actually went to 3 different malls (where the cinemas were located) just to get those tickets. However, our 2 hours' ticket hunting trail was a failure as the shows were all SOLD OUT!!!! Goodness, it had never came into my mind that a movie is still so "HOT" after 7 weeks of screening!!!!!. There were actually tickets for later that evening but we have opted out as the children needs to go to school on Monday. the end, it was just Brunch, driving around and mall hopping trying to get tickets for the movie. No complaints though, as we all did managed to spend quality time together.

It's time like this that binds the family ;p

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