Saturday, February 27, 2010

Steamed Buns II (with chocolate and almond nibs fillings)

The Steamed Buns I made earlier was a hit and by popular demand I made another batch yesterday. This time around, I made them a wee bit smaller (dough weight of 30 gm instead of 40gm) to yield 16 buns.

Apart from the so called mice or should I now call them bunnies, I played with the dough and made some flowers too!!!

What I did was just snip the surface of the dough with a pair of scissors after the final proving.
I used cupcake paper liners instead of the normal greaseproof paper to line these buns as I was too lazy to cut those greaseproof paper.

Hubby commented that the red bean paste was a bit too sweet for him. So, I tweaked the recipe and changed the filling to chocolate and almond nibs. It's like a fusion dish (East meet west).....Chinese steamed pau dough with chocolate and almond. I used chocolate paste combined with chopped almond nibs. The combination is great as the bitter sweet chocolate with the crunchy almond goes well with the pau.

Little bunnies and flowers for my friends.

I brought 1/2 dozen to give to my dear friends during our lunch date yesterday. The rest did not even last until lunch time they were swept clean during breakfast by my family ;p

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