Sunday, May 2, 2010


In my previous post, I have mentioned that my eldest son has got himself a brand new desktop PC. So now we have an addition PC at home. Since it is still in good working condition, I am using it. (before this, I would normally use the Netbook, the Itouch or my sons' desktops). Now that I am spending more time online (as I have my webstore and blogs), this desktop comes it handy.

I needed a place to house this desktop. After much consideration, it is decided that the best place would be in my room. I have a spare corner which is just perfect for it.

Therefore, yesterday Dear Hubby took me to pick up a workstation from Ikea! Then Dear Hubby and my second son helped to assemble it for me.

Great job guys!

See the makeover!

I am very happy as now I have a proper place to do my work.

My little SOHO.

This should motivate me to work harder!!!

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