Thursday, May 10, 2012

Roasted Chicken Drumstick


Bought some chicken drumsticks yesterday with the intention to cook chicken curry. Unfortunately, this morning I realised that I have ran out of potatoes.

So, looks like I will need to change tonight’s dinner menu. Still wanting to cook something with curry powder, I have opted to roast the chicken drumsticks instead.


This is a very simple recipe. With just under an hour of preparation time, this is an amazing tasty and crisp roast chicken drumstick. Got a double thumbs up from the family and DD was practically licking her fingers savouring every single bit of it.

Here is how this dish was prepared.

Roasted Chicken Drumstick (my own version)

Ingredients :

5 pieces of chicken drumstick ( One for each member of my family)

60gm butter (soften in room temperature)

2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)

2 tsp of curry powder

1 tsp of chilli flakes

a handful of dried rosemary



5 chicken drumstickClean 5 pieces of chicken drumstick. Make sure you trim off the excess fat from the chicken. Pat them dry and place them in a roasting pan.

season with salt & pepperSeason these “babies” with salt & pepper.  Leave them aside, while you prepare the marinate.

Butter garic & curry powderMix together butter, chopped garlic and curry powder in a small bowl.


mixed with dried rosemary

Mix till a paste is formed and add in the dried rosemary.


mixture on chickenSpoon the paste onto the drumsticks.


coat with mixtureRub the paste all over the drumsticks …making sure they are well coated.

Bake them into a preheated oven of 200 deg C for 45 mins.


Once golden brown, remove it from the oven and let it stand in the roasting pan for a few minutes before plating them.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Don’t they look delicious???


The butter made the skin incredibly crispy.

The drumsticks were really flavorful and the chilli flakes gave some heat to this dish.

This is definitely a good change from the normal curry chicken dish. Great to be taken as a main course with some salad or with a plate of hot steamy rice.

Based on the response from the family, I see myself cooking this again in the very near future.

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