Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chai Kueh (Steamed Vegetable Dumplings) 菜粿

A couple of days ago Mum mentioned that it’s been a long while since she last tasted “Chai Kueh”. Chai Kueh is a traditional dumpling with vegetable fillings.

I have never made this dish before. Googling for the recipe brought me to Nasi Lemak Lover’s blog. The recipe looks manageable for me. With all the ingredients in hand. I made Chai Kueh yesterday.


Gave half to my parents and got thumbs up from them. 
The texture of the skin was just perfect. Soft and chewy. Delicious. Only downside is my mistake of shredding the jicama (sengkuang) and carrot too finely. This has resulted in the absence of crunch for the filling. I should have used the coarser shredder.

My skill of wrapping the chai kueh has great room for improvement. (look …my chai kueh have odd sizes and shapes!)

The dough is rather sticky and difficult to handle. I find the dividing the dough into small balls and then rolling them flat (individually) makes it easier for wrapping.

I love seeing how these little “package” in white OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         miraculously turn translucent (showing off the golden fillings) after steaming

(Chai Kueh) Steamed vegetable dumplings   菜粿
(recipe adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover)

For the filling
Ingredients :
1 large jicama (sengkuang), shredded
1 carrot, shredded
1 firm tofu, pan fry till brown, shredded
20g dried shrimps, soaked in water, chopped
Some chopped coriander ( I used cilantro/ spring onions)1tsp salt or to taste
2tbsp light soy sauce or to taste
1tsp sugar or to taste ( I omitted this) Pepper

Method :1. Heat oil in a wok, sauté dried shrimps till aroma.
2. Add in jicama (sengkuang), carrot and fried firm tofu, continue to cook for 15mins or till dry.
3. Add in seasonings and chopped coriander, mix well. Set aside to cool.

For the dumpling skin
Ingredients :
100g Tang Mein flour (Wheat starch)
200g tapioca flour
10g sugar
A pinch of salt
20g cooking oil
450g hot boiling water

Method :
1. Mix two flours in a mixing bowl, stir to combine.
2. Add sugar, salt and cooking oil in the hot boiling water.
3. Pour hot water into the mixing bowl and quickly stir to combine to become dough. Set aside to cool.
Other ingredients
banana leaves
fried garlic oil

To make steamed vegetables dumplings
1. Dust tabletop with a lot of tapioca flour (dough is very sticky), roll dough to form a thin circle.(using a round cutter or a small bowl to cut out thin circle as to standardize the size)
2. Wrap 1 tbsp of filling with each skin. Fold into semicircle and seal the opening by pressing the edges together.
3. Place each dumpling on a small sheet of banana leaf, place on a steaming tray, steam for 15mins.
4. Remove the steamed dumplings and brush the surface with some garlic oil. Serve hot.

The Chai Kueh tasted good even when cold. If you want to eat it the next day, just steam it again and it will taste as good as fresh!


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  2. hi..i tried once but why is it hardened like rubber band. Is it because of the flours. How to make it soft and translucent?

  3. Hi, Sorry I missed your comment earlier.
    To answer your question... may I know what flour did you use?