Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Panda Bread

Couple of days ago, my niece (in UK) “dared” her mother (my sister-in-law) on Facebook to make this
Somehow, I took up this “dare” and came up with this today.
My Pandas are not as white as I used unbleached Bread flour. I always prefer unbleached flour as I do not like the extra chemical processing to make the bread white.
I used my Hokkaido Milk Bread recipe to make this bread as I have the dough ready in my freezer. All I did was, when the dough is thawed, I divided it into 3 parts and added green tea powder in one and cocoa powder in the other. Then, wait for them to proof before I shape them according to the recipe.
My Panda’s eyes are not aligned!!!
Anyway, it’s still very cute and my girl loves them.
Thanks, Carol for the “dare”….(how would you rate this???)

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