Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1st Craft Market for 2011


I have been real busy the past couple of months.

Have been on a crafting frenzy ……

(you will know what I mean if you have been reading my crafting blog).

This year I have a number of art & craft fair/market that I will be participating… as a vendor!

The numero uno will be this Sunday (23rd Jan 2011).

KLPAC Open Day 2011

A group of us (indie crafters) from Team Etsy Malaysia will be setting up booth selling our creations during this event.

This is a “must attend” event as the KLPac Open Day 2011 promises something for everyone, from performances to classes, bands and singers, art and exhibitions and much more. And best of all, you don’t have to pay a cent.

The line up for the day includes :

Theatre & Dance:

  • Green & White by Nyoba Kan
  • Jom Dance by Lex Lakshman Balakrishnan
  • Balinese Dance by Max Roswell
  • Through the Looking Glass by Balletbase (Bilqis Hijjas + Ng Bee Bee)
  • Jaz Dance Medley + “Smile” by ACTS of Performing Arts
  • The Flashmob aka Lindy Bomb by KL Swing
  • Flamenco Dance by Kayla
  • Projek Disko Baldi & Galah Panjang by Playground Productions
  • Mime by The Qum Actors
  • Standup Comedy by YCOM
  • Standup Comedy in Chinese by Joker Duo
  • Saudara Baru Preview by Serious Comedy Studio
  • Improv Comedy by AI:IA
  • Script Reading by EMP
  • Waiter, there’s gut in my soup Theatre Experience by Chris Ling & Jit Yang
  • Seven Floors (Dino Buzatti) by Chris Ling
  • INDICINELIVE! Sketch Comedy (contain mature content) by Kelvin Wong
  • Gao Xing Jian’s The Other Shore by Kimmy Kiew & Chung Hwa High School
  • Human Sculpture by Hearts Towards the Sun Theatre
  • Improv by the Lake by David Lim &Aidira Khaidir

Indie Film screenings

HerStory Film & Forum:

  • Spirited Crystal Woo & A.A.Lee
  • Happy Message by Mien.Ly & Ruby
  • Still by Mislina Mustaffa & Julya Oui
  • Creatures by Bernice Chauly & Nadira Ilana
  • Sangkar by Sharifah Amani & Susan Bansin

Malaysian Shorts:

  • Lucky Shots by Khairil M. Bahar
  • 2 Guys, 2 Girls & A Beat Up Car by Mien.Ly
  • Baby The Rain Will Fall by Adrian Loh
  • Invigilatator by Manesh Nesaratnam
  • Unsecured Loan 1 & 2 by Juliane Block
  • Teddy & I by Zahir Omar
  • Moving On by Michael Chen
  • The Aquarium by Michael Chen
  • 7 Squared by Law Gwo Yunn
  • Wolf by Anrie Too

Full length film:

  • Gedebe by Rumah Anak Teater


  • Drum jamming by Drumclix, Afro Sahara & Drum Simfoni
  • Arts and Crafts Market (I will be here!!!!)
  • Live Painting by Marta
  • Treasure Hunt (recommended for 12 years old and above)
  • Kelab Shashin Costume Photography
  • Journey Through the Years: Performing arts T-shirt display
  • klpac’s Job Portrait Exhibition
  • Switch On Sound Installation by Annabelle Ng & Goh Lee KWang
  • State of the Art Forum by Melissa Teoh, Ayam Fared & U-EN Ng
  • Moderated by: Redza Minhat

If you are in Kuala Lumpur this weekend, do drop in to have some fun.


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