Sunday, January 2, 2011

Off to Camp…….


Today my second offspring left the nest for 3 months to attend the National Service Training Programme. In Malaysia. teenagers of 18 years can be called to participate in this Camp. Unlike some countries like Singapore and Taiwan, where the male citizens are required to undergo National Service for a year or 2… in Malaysia, this 3 months stint is more of a “summer” camp than a military training.

Not all the 18 year olds are required to undergo this camp as only those selected (random selection) will need to participate. This year a total of 140,000 trainees were picked out of more than 500,000 Malaysian teenagers born in 1993. The first batch of 40,308 trainees will leave their homes and head to 79 NS camps nationwide for three-months training today.



Waiting for registration (with siblings)



Reporting at pick up point (Shah Alam Stadium) to board the bus to his camp in Perak.

Hope he will have a safe, positive and good experience at the National Service Camp!!!

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