Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family Bazaar @ HerbaLine


I received a phone call from HerbaLine last Friday inviting me to participate in their Family Bazaar this weekend. It was kind of last minute as the Bazaar is on Sunday morning. Nonetheless, I agreed to participate based on the followings :

  • I have not scheduled any bazaar sales for September
  • the venue of this Family Bazaar is within the vicinity of my neighbourhood. So… very convenient.
  • It’s only for Sunday and from 9am till noon.
  • I have never done a Bazaar sales near my neighbourhood before. (it’s time to let my neighbours know of Bitsofpink’s existence!)
  • it’s FREE…… The organizer’s are not charging us for the space.

This is my first time participating in a street Bazaar. So I was a little anxious. To make things worse, I woke up this morning to the sound of rain hitting on my window panes. Gosh! I looked out of my windows and was greeted with grey skies and raindrops. It’s 2 hours before I am due to be at the site to set up the booth and it is pouring outside! The rain did not stop (though it did finally subside around 10am) when I arrived at HerbaLine. There were puddles of water everywhere especially at my booth. The organizers braved the rain and put up canopies for everyone. The atmosphere was friendly and everyone did their best to get their booth ready.

With the help from Dear Hubby, I managed to set up my booth within 15mins and was ready for business!

. Family Bazaar @ HerbaLine Sept 2010 (1)

The Booth

Family Bazaar @ HerbaLine Sept 2010 (Handbags) Family Bazaar @ HerbaLine Sept 2010 (Linziclip)

My hand crafted handbags The Linziclips

Family Bazaar @ HerbaLine Sept 2010 Family Bazaar @ HerbaLine Sept 2010 (2)

The Sereni & Shentel Headbands The Linziclips Banner

The crowd was pretty commendable despite the rain and the fact that it’s Sunday. I had expected most people would rather snuggle up in bed since it is such a wonderful weather to SLEEP. Looks like Kota Kemuning folks are early risers. Anyway, business was good and I was kept on my feet for the whole 4 hours.

It was a great experience and made lots of new friends.

Thanks to HerbaLine for this opportunity.

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