Friday, April 16, 2010

Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis indica)- Simply Spectacular!

When I first saw this particular creeper/vine in one of my neighbours’ garden a few years ago, I told myself that I got to have this plant. However, at that time I was having another creeper in my garden and could not accommodate it. A while back, we decided to discard the said creeper as it was getting too old and unruly. After getting rid of it, I managed to get 2 saplings of Rangoon Creeper from my neighbour. I planted one each on either side of my Pergola. With lots of love and nurturing, it paid off… look what I have now!!! It’s so spectacular and fragrant. Just love sitting there enjoying the shade and smelling the sweet fragrant. It is heavenly!!!

My family's favourite space to hangout !

Originating from Malaysia, Burma, New Guinea and the Philippines it is commonly known as Rangoon Creeper or Quisqualis indica(it’s botanical name) . Locally it is also known as Akar Dani (in Malay). Its other names consist of Chinese Honeysuckle, Burma Creeper, Druken Sailor and Bunga Setanduk.

Rangoon Creeper is a climbing shrub and planted as ornamental plant because of its unique flowers. The flowers are very attractive and borne in clusters. The flower tube is about 5 cm long and the petals are white but turn pink and then red when matured. The flower blooms in abundance and is very fragrant. It is often planted as climber on fences, on specially prepared pergola or left to climb on big trees.

Apparently this plant has some medicinal properties too. I did not know until I research on it just now. Rangoon Creeper is largely grown in Malaysia as an ornamental plant. However, in the Philippines it is used as traditional medicine to kill parasitic worms and treat coughs, diarrhea and body pains. In India it is used to treat flatulence!

Featured in one of the stamp series in Malaysia


  1. Hi.
    This is my favorite plant. Can you please tell me where I can find its seeds.
    Thank you so much

    1. Tyttäreni laitto juuri sp. Thaimaasta ja kertoi kuistilla kasvaa tätä köynöstä ja hänen nenä on aivan tukossa--on kuullemma kovatuoksuinen-

    2. Hi Anonymous! Don't understand your comment. The flowers of this creeper do have a very sweet scent.

  2. Gowmukhi : You can get the seeds from online garden stores. If you are in Malaysia, I do not think the nurseries here sells the seeds. Most of the time the would only have saplings.

  3. hi what is the other/old creeper that you have before this??

  4. It's a species of Morning Glory with very big leaves. I do not know its actual name.

  5. I had a Rangoon Creeper in a pot on my north facing balcony in Malaysia where I now live. Despite my best efforts to care for it, it did not do well and would not flower. I gave it to a friend who has a restaurant which is west facing. She put it in the ground below which is a drain. It took off like a rocket and within a short time it was so bushy and had reached the top of the two story building. It is one mass of flowers and so eye catching that tourists stop to take photographs of it. Any botanical garden would be proud to own it.