Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stir fried Cabbage with Eggs


As a busy home-maker, I often prefer dishes that are simple and fast to prepare.

One of my favourite dish would be Stir fried cabbage with eggs.


This dish can be whipped up in less than 10 minutes. It taste absolutely divine served with a plate or bowl of steamy hot rice.

Despite its simplicity, this dish is full of goodness. Cabbage is low in calories and rich in fibre. It is believed to be able to prevent cancer and great for weight loss. The eggs (which is nutrient-rich) will provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals required in any diet.

All you need to cook this dish is 2 simple ingredients

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A bowl of shredded cabbage and 2 eggs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Heat up 2 tbsp of oil and saute some chopped garlic till golden brown.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Add in the shredded cabbage and fry till cabbage turn green and translucent(about 3 to 4 minutes).

Keep things moving in the wok.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Lower the heat and make a well in the center.Crack eggs into the well. Stir eggs with spatula until yolks are broken, trying to keep cabbage out of egg mixture. Allow the eggs cook for about 2 minutes until almost set.Turn up heat to medium. Stir everything together and sprinkle in 2 tbsp of water. Season to taste with salt and pepper. 

Stir fry for another minute.


Dish up and garnish with some homemade fried shallots.


Serve immediately,

Yummmy!!! .

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  1. Ooh! I have to try this! Hubby bought cabbage yesterday!