Friday, March 12, 2010


When I left the rat race 8 years ago to become a full time homemaker,I had secretly planned that one day (after my children are all grown up) I would like to run a little craft store. It had never crossed my mind that the transition into this will happen so soon.

Early this year, I was toying over the idea of starting up my own business. (not that I have plenty of leisure time at home...since I need to tend to my schooling children). The motivation came from an old friend of mine who suggested that I could turn my hobby into a business. I was hesitant at first. However, just before Chinese New Year a gym buddy of mine informed me that her daughter (who has an online webstore) was looking for someone to take over the business as she (and her family) is relocating to Canada. After much considerations and discussions with my other half, I finally decided to dive right in. I have opted for an online store instead of the normal brick and mortar institution due to the flexibilities of working hours. (mind you... online business takes up a lot of your time too!)

So, early this month I officially registered my enterprise "Bag N Craft Trading" with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. With all the requirements fulfilled I took over the webstore I officially became an Entrepreneur!!! It is a very exciting and interesting phase of my life (having to juggle between my duties and responsibilities as a homemaker and an e-entrepreneur). Spent many hours and late nights getting the store ready. Now... finally I am able to launch my very own online store today.

Here's my new baby ;-p

This store will showcase the very best in fashion accessories. It offers quality products and in-style designs and mostly handcrafted. With the tagline "Adorn Yourself", I strive to put together an array of collectibles that will truly epitomize ones natural charm. is a little secret....

I have many things up my sleeves , so please drop into my store frequently.
Trust me, you will not be disappointed!!

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