Friday, December 18, 2009

Rainy Day

It is a wet, wet day today. Been raining almost the whole day. Despite the fact that this has resulted in a more favorable temperature (around 24 C), raining days always made me gloomy.

Perhaps...this is due to the fact that I am missing my little girl, who is away in Camp. It's the school holidays in Malaysia and my little girl is attending a 5-days camp organised by the Alumni of the Outward Bound School. Last week my second son just returned from a 10-days camp in the Outward Bound School and this week is my girl's turn. Now... looks like my children are growing up and starting to leave the nest. My eldest boy (who has just completed his Pre-University course) should be starting tertiary education soon.

I have not been very productive these few days. Not much baking or crafting. I must be missing my girl. She is my youngest and only daughter. We spend quite a substantial time together as we share the same interests.

Anyway,,, this afternoon, I changed the layout of my little girl's room (with the help of my 2nd son). Been thinking of doing this for a while....but could find the time. So... since she is not in....decided to grab this opportunity to get it done. It will be a surprise for the when she comes home on Sunday. I am quite sure she will like to change ;p.

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